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Clare Griffel, voice
Heather Gibbard, baroque cello and viola da gamba
David Griffel, harpsichord

Music in Georgian London

a lunchtime recital for the Thornbury Arts Festival

1 pm, Wednesday April 28th 2010

Cossham Hall, Chapel Street, Thornbury

The Pleasure Gardens

Invitation to RanelaghMichael Arne (c. 1750 - 1786)

The Wakeful Nightingale - John Weldon (1676 - 1736)

Young Colin Protests - Mr. Worgan  (fl. 1754) 

European visitors

Sonata in E minor for viola da gamba - Karl Friedrich Abel (1723 - 1784)
Moderato - Adagio - Minuetto

The Playhouse

Find me a lonely cave - John Eccles   (c.1668 - 1735)

The foolish maid - John Eccles

The Drawing Room 

Drink to me onlyEliza Turner (fl. 1750)

Song by A LadyEliza Turner

Sonata in G - Thomas Arne (1710 - 1778)
Affettuoso - Presto 

The Opera House

That May-Day of life (from Thomas and Sally) - Thomas Arne

Ombra mai fu (from Serse) - G. F. Handel (1685 - 1759)

The Inimitable Mr. Handel

Cantata: Aure soavi e lieti - G. F. Handel